Friday, May 31, 2019

Criminal Appeals Attorney: Why is it Important?

The judicial process is full of highly trained professionals that bring order and justice to our society. These men and women defend our constitution and uphold the rights of our citizens. One of the most important members of our justice system is the criminal appeals attorney Albuquerque. These individuals perform a vital service to our citizens, particularly those who may have been unfairly impacted by court proceedings. Just Appeals is the law office of Scott M. Davidson. Our team includes criminal appeals attorneys that represent clients throughout the state and federal appeals process.

Why is a criminal appeals attorney important?

A criminal appeals attorney is a criminal defense lawyer that represents a client throughout the appeals process. This process ranges from filing an initial appeal through the final verdict. Though a criminal defense attorney may represent a client in an initial case, they may not be well-versed in the appeals process which is why a different attorney of specialized knowledge is required.

In a criminal defense trial, the court may convict and sentence a defendant. Although the guilty verdict may be final, the court case is not necessarily closed and complete. Reversible errors, which are errors that are made by the judge, jury or presenter, may have been made in the initial case which has negatively altered your verdict. In these instances, a criminal appeals attorney becomes your most important ally. 

The criminal appeals attorney Albuquerque and federal appeals require will evaluate the potential errors of your case and determine whether or not they have indeed impacted your verdict. If they have, the attorney will file an appeal. If accepted, the criminal appeals attorney will present your case to the appellate courts and fight to restore justice. 

A criminal appeals attorney is important because they fight for your right until the very end. If you believe your guilty verdict was influenced by the presence of reversible errors in your court case, call Just Appeals. Scott M. Davidson and his team will represent you as you appeal your case to the New Mexico Supreme Court. The Just Appeals has the criminal appeals attorney Albuquerque defendants deserve.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Considerations to Make Prior to Choosing a Criminal Attorney

Before choosing a criminal appeals attorney, Albuquerque residents should know that each attorney is as unique as each criminal case. Although many of these criminal appeals attorneys may be qualified to present your case before an appellate court, not all of these individuals will be able to represent you in the most effective manner. Prior to seeking legal representation, the legal team at Just Appeals encourages you to consider the following recommendations as you research criminal appeals attorneys in New Mexico. 

1: Only contact attorneys specializing in criminal appeals.
The legal system is a vast industry containing a multitude of specialty sectors. If you are seeking a criminal appeals attorney, you only want to speak with firms that specialize in criminal appeals. It is highly unlikely that you will receive better representation from a firm specializing in civil law, medical malpractice or insurance dispute cases than you will at Just Appeals

2: Verify the experience and reputation of the attorney who may try your case.
Even though an individual may be qualified to represent criminal appeal cases, this does not automatically guarantee that they are successful in their efforts. As you research representation, first, seek out trial professionals who are highly regarded in their field. Verify that they were educated at reputable institutions and their reputation within the community is positive.

3: Research the legal team that assists these attorneys.
No successful attorney is without a dynamic legal team. Often, these teams are significant contributors to the success of a case. Do your due diligence and learn as much about the legal team as possible to discover how well your attorney will be supported as they navigate your appeal.

4: Avoid attorneys who guarantee results.
No attorney can guarantee a successful trial. Do not enlist the help of a legal professional who is overconfident. Your appeal is one of the most important moments in your life — make sure you have an attorney on your side who regards it with the same importance. 

Remember to take your time and choose your trial professional carefully. To learn more about the appeals process, and how to find a reliable criminal appeals attorney that Albuquerque residents trust, contact Just Appeals.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Why Just Appeals is Best Suited for Federal Court of Appeal Proceeding in Albuquerque?

If you’re considering appealing your case to the Federal Court of Appeal Albuquerque, you need an experienced appellate attorney on your side. Dr. Scott M. Davidson of Just Appeals has the knowledge and experience in appellate court cases that have made Just Appeals the firm best suited to guide your case through the Federal Court of Appeal proceedings in Albuquerque.

U.S. Court of Appeals Facts You Should Know
Just because you have been assigned a conviction does not mean that there is no other legal recourse you can take. In some instances, errors made in your trial may make your case eligible to be appealed to a higher court. Albuquerque residents may present their cases to the District of New Mexico which is in the Tenth Federal Circuit.  However, not all cases are eligible for appeal nor are their appeals successful.

Either party in a civil case may appeal the trial’s verdict but only the defendant may appeal a guilty verdict in a criminal case. Of the thousands of court cases that seek appeal each year, only a small percentage of these cases result in a successful reversal of the lower court’s verdict. Unfortunately, many cases are unsuccessful.

Why You Need Just Appeals to Guide You Through the Appeals Process
Because so many cases attempting an appeal are either not heard by the appellate court or do not succeed in getting their verdicts overturned, you need a reliable appeals attorney to advocate for your case and guide you through this process.  If you want to take your case to the Federal Court of Appeals inAlbuquerque, you should enlist the help of Just Appeals.

For decades, Dr. Scott M. Davidson has had experience in appellate litigation on state and federal levels.  He’s represented clients from around the world and has been part of ground-breaking decisions in appellate court proceedings.  His knowledge earned at Yale University and the University of New Mexico School of Law, coupled with his years of experience arguing dozens of appellate civil and criminal cases, has made Just Appeals the best-suited firm to guide you through the Federal Court of Appeal Albuquerque proceedings. Contact Just Appeals today for more information.